New Site. New Platform. New Content!

From Cloud Hosting to Self Hosting.
From WordPress to Ghost.
After more than a two year break, I find myself ready and willing to blog again :)

I have decided to self-host a ghost blog on one of my Raspberry Pi's (2). Why? I had a blast learning and configuring the Pi. My goal is to create a docker swarm and further expand on the current setup.

There are some fantastic resources out there that I have learned much from. The plan is to learn some more and blog about it, so hang in there while I transition.

Of course, my passion still remains with mentoring and with PowerShell. I have learned much over the years and have looked back on some of the earlier posts with embarrassment! I have updated some of the posts with some more robust code and more comments :)

More to follow... fun times ahead.

Steve Rackham

Steve Rackham

By day, IT professional with advanced skills across a broad spectrum of technology stacks and enterprise platforms. By night, happiest learning while tinkering under the hood and writing :)

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New Site. New Platform. New Content!
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