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  1. Enabling RDP Remotely

    Need remote access and forgot to turn RDP access on? Argh, how to get to that server (or workstation)? PSExec comes to the rescue in…

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  2. Exchange Offline Help Files

    Hey Guys, here are some must have downloads and reading for you Exchange Admins. Preferred Architecture, Exchange Server 2016 Preferred Architecture Exchange Server 2013 Preferred Architecture …

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  3. Office 365: Planning – Network Bandwidth Tools

    Microsoft has provided some great resources for you to analyse your environment and make an informed decision. Check out the Network planning and performance tuning for Office…

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  4. [ warning] [vmusr:vmtoolsd] Failed registration of app type 2 (Signals) from plug-in unity.

    An error while logging in through RDP onto a Windows Server 2008R2, a VM under ESX 5.5  – [ warning] [vmusr:vmtoolsd] Failed registration of app…

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  5. Exchange “Send As” Permissions

    Ok, someone asked me the other day how to allow a user to send email as if they were the owner of another mailbox. This…

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