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IT professional with a passion for automation with form and function. Avid runner (but only so can enjoy the odd craft beer :)
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Azure AD | Multifactor Authentication with PowerShell

PowerShell function that enables you to disable or enable MFA for your Office 365 users, while maintaining their user methods, and in bulk if you need. »

Exchange and Exchange Online, Adding "Send As" Permissions

Adding "Send As" permissions with PowerShell with Exchange and Exchange Online. »

Admin | PowerShell Modules | Maintenance

Issue: Updating your PowerShell modules is a common task and one you should do regularly when utilising any cloud based modules. But how to maintain current versions without bloat or »

Raspberry Pi | Ghost | Blogging with a Slice of Pi

Self host Ghost blogging platform with Nginx and MariaDb - all from your Raspberry Pi! Thats right, it doesnt need to be left lonely in a drawer :D »